Applying Doesn’t Assure Admission – UNISA


As the years pass, Thousands of applications are pondered on by institutions of higher learning. The University of South Africa has brought to the notice of students that applying for admission does not give a guarantee of study in that institution.

Applying Doesn't Assure Admission - UNISA

A week ago, a popular paperback published an article that detailed how potential students grapple to register at the University of South Africa. The potential students in the article also professed the fight to get braced up from the institution’s administration.


University of South Africa noted the article and debunked claims that the wrestle experienced by students suggests the actuality of a general problem. They categorized the claims against them as baseless and unproven.

UNISA revealed that they received close to one million applications every semester. Due to some restrictions, they are unable to provide placement for all these students. The trespass will only be accommodated by about 376,000 students for the 2023 academic year after receiving about 958,517 applications for the semester. A ranking system is being used by UNISA to decide which applicant will be granted admission and provided with admission offers. Registration will only be done by students who are offered admission.


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So, for students who fail to take up the offer within speculated dates, the space will be made open to another qualifying student. In addition, the University started that about 50 Consultants are employed in the student communication and support center to assist students with Administration challenges with 0800001870

If students are not satisfied with the services provided lots of from the floor staff they should report to the regional center manager in charge of the respective regional service center. Students who have completed their UNISA registration can have access to the course material on the myUNISA platform.





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