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Unisa Amends Rules For Upcoming Exams

With less than a week to go before the January/February online examinations at Unisa commence, the institution has made some changes to the exam rules and regulations. Students have been encouraged to prepare accordingly.


Unisa Amends Rules

The University of South Africa (Unisa) has sent its best wishes to all students for the upcoming exams.

The January/February 2023 online examination period at Unisa is set to begin on Monday, 23 January 2023 as scheduled.


Students enrolled in programs and courses including; Further Diplomas in Education, Postgraduate diplomas in Advanced Nursing Science, Distance Education, Telecommunications and Information Policy, Tertiary Education, and Translation are expected to sit for the exams.

In a statement released on Tuesday, the institution has urged students to take note of the changes applicable to the upcoming online examinations.

Unisa says that aligned with tightening examination processes and in order to ensure academic integrity, students will now be given 30 minutes to upload their answer scripts for their written examinations on the official myExams platform and have only one submission opportunity for multiple-choice question examinations.


Additionally, listening to music and utilizing audio-to-text software has been strictly prohibited during the examination sessions, unless the use of the software is related to a student’s assisted device which has been declared.

“Listening to music, utilizing such software, and/or failing to declare the software is a transgression of Unisa’s examination rules and the student’s marks will be withheld,” explains Unisa.

Students have been advised to complete the Course: Basic Skills for Online Exams and complete the mock assessment Course: ADOVH001: Mock Exams when preparing for their online examinations.

To help students prepare for the online exams, the following resources have also been made accessible via the Unisa essential tips for online examinations webpage:

  1. Student guidelines on online assessment on my exams
  2. Training videos and student guidelines for navigating Invigilation tools
  3. Training videos for online examinations navigation
  4. Other technical resources

The institution has encouraged students to also prepare for the online exams against planned load-shedding schedules.

Should they experience any technical challenges they can contact the SCSC on 080 000 1870 or via e-mail at or refer to the Get-Help resource for the list of additional contact numbers.

Additional communication received from their myLife accounts will also be considered.


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