SASSA Reconsideration Status Check For R350 SRD Grant Application


SASSA reconsideration system is an automatic way for those applicants who have been declined for the SRD R350 to appeal.

In the previous SRD R350 grants application, declined applicants had to send appeal applications to an email address, but looking at the tedious work for checking thousands of emails individually.

SASSA then added a reconsideration module to its online registration platform where applicants can appeal without sending any email.


Some of the reasons where applicants can appeal using the website are : uif registered, alternative income source Identified, nsfas registered, debtor, receiving other grants etc.

Note must be taken that when the reason for the decline is ‘identity verification failed’ which literally means the submitted names of the applicant is incorrect one way or the other, you cannot use the reconsideration module to request an appeal.


There is a place on the website where those with identity issues can update their Surname and Full name online.

Requesting Reconsideration for decline applicants for SRD R350 Grant

If you are declined for SASSA SRD R350, we assume that you are declined for instance “alternative income source Identified”, which basically is the reason for the decline.

We are going to take you true the steps to apply for reconsideration.

Below are the steps to take to appeal or submit reconsideration application.

Below are the steps to take to appeal or submit reconsideration application.
  • Go to the site It takes you straight to the reconsideration page.
  • Here you are to provide ID number and the phone number used to submit the application.
  • There is button labeled ‘send pin’ click on it,
  • You will receive an SMS notification containing a pin code enter the exact code received into field provided and submit.
  • Now, choose the month you wish to apply for reconsideration, which obviously will be August 2021.
  • In the drop down menu, you see current status which is clearly declined. Then reason for the decline, which in our case is alternative income source Identified, but other reasons may be declined as well. Your reason for decline will be shown at this section too.
  • The last stage is to choose the reason for the reconsideration, which must match with the reason for the decline. For instance, if an applicant is declined for “UIF registered” he cannot choose ‘no income source’ as the reason for reconsideration but should rather choose ‘no uif registered’.
  • So depending on the reason for the decline, that will determine the reason for the reconsideration.
  • The reason for reconsideration are preloaded into the system already, so the applicant does not need to enter anything again.
  • Then submit the application. Your status will now be pending as SASSA will have to once again review the application.
  • Sources unconfirmed indicates that it can take two weeks for the reconsideration application to be considered.
  • You need to be patient as SASSA looks at your reconsideration.

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16 Replies to “SASSA Reconsideration Status Check For R350 SRD Grant Application

  1. My application is declined because of uif and I never worked anywhere it’s being 9 months now

  2. My Application is declined since grand started because of uif and I never worked anywhere 1 have 19 months full

  3. My application decline because of uif and I have never worked since 2017 now it’s being 5 years I’m unemployed

  4. My application was declined because of source of alternative income n uif .I never worked anywhere it’s been 9 months now

  5. What must I do because even uif they decline me ,I must apply to go jail because there is free food?

  6. My application declined because they say i have source of income a while i never worked or have money that come from me

  7. Everytime after I applied am being approved and payday but after that am declined the reason is alternative money In the account and am not working?

  8. I’ve been declined since December 2021 – March 2022,reason being out of age range being a pensioner although I only turned 60 end of December and received 1st pension 3 April 2022.
    Plz advise if I can apply for reconsideration

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