Schools Warned As Floods Hit KZN Again

The KwaZulu-Natal has received reports on how this past weekend’s rainfall has caused road infrastructure damage. The KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) Department Of Education has responded by issuing an advisory to school communities.

Schools Warned As Floods Hit KZN Again

The South African Weather System (SAWS) confirmed that rainfall and thunderstorms were widespread across KZN during the weekend.

Taking into consideration the vulnerability of the areas impacted by the rains, SAWS said one of the impacts of these rains included damage to infrastructure and danger to life due to the fast-flowing streams.

In the advisory, the KZN Education department has advised the following:

Circuit Managers and School Principals of affected schools ought to urgently communicate with parents of learners to ensure that they take extra caution before sending their children to school in the morning.

The Education Department further advised teachers, parents, and caregivers to use their own discretion whether or not to send their children and teachers to school on 23 May 2022.

Not so long ago, the province had a great loss in floods, and this time around, the department has emphasized that it cannot afford to further lose lives to flooding of bridges and classrooms.

Should anyone see any school infrastructure damage that will impact learners and teachers, they have been urged to immediately report to the Department of Education.

Regarding office-based staff, they have been advised to be cautious before leaving their homes, and those already in departmental buildings should only leave when it is safe to do so.

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