The Benefits Of Active Learning For Students

Active learning-based methods are a teaching strategy that engages students to participate in the teaching and learning process. They include: peer instruction, cooperative learning, self-directed strategic study and questioning techniques. These methods help students to develop skills such as relative comprehension rates, good memory and analytical ability, higher interest in study and higher achievement scores.

The Benefits Of Active Learning For Students

Active learning is characterised by active teaching and active student response which entails that both teacher and student share responsibility in classroom activities.

  • Active learning-based method is used to provide students the opportunity of better personal interpretation of situations. This technique incorporates more student participation in the classroom. The majority of students experience little or no fear with this kind of teaching approach since it combines different styles such as lecture, discussion and group work.
  • Active learning-based methods of instruction, such as the use of discussion or experiential learning in the classroom can increase student engagement. Opportunities for active learning have been found to increase student involvement in the classroom and improve their self-confidence, self-reliance, motivation, commitment and achievement.
  • They can also provide access to prior knowledge, create opportunities for better personal interpretation of situations and problems, sharpen observational skills of students and lead to cognitive development.

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The teacher plays a very important role in the process of active learning; he/she must be able to motivate his/her students, give them freedom and autonomy, support constructive discussion and improve the quality of their work by giving feedback.

In summary, the benefits of active learning can be best described as it provides the students with the opportunity to increase self confidence and self-reliance, access to the prior knowledge, create better personal interpretation of situations and problems, sharpens their observational skills and lead them to cognitive development.

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