Requirements For Medical School in South Africa

Going to Medical School can open up career opportunities, allowing graduates to be surgeons, pediatricians, pathologists, radiologists, and family medicine practitioners. So what are the requirements for students who would like to attend Medical School? Keep reading to find out.

Requirements For Medical School in South Africa

When you go to Medical school there is a variety of specializations that you can choose from. You can choose to work in hospitals or other healthcare facilities, research labs, or be part of the medical department in other professional fields. There are quite a few Universities that offer medical and health science faculties in South Africa.

Popular Medical schools in South Africa are:

The Basic admission requirements to enter Med school are:

  • Students need to have written the National Benchmark Test.
  • An aggregate of at least 70% for their National Senior Certificate
  • Mathematics, Physical Science and Life Science at Level 4
  • 60% in Home Language

You will spend a total of 6 years at Med school, with 2 years being in-house learning and 4 years of practical work or residency where you may receive remuneration, depending on the medical school you attend and where you do your residency. Students are urged to apply early as med schools often only take a certain number of students per year.

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