The Importance Of HR In An Organization | Human Resources

Human Resources (HR) plays an important role in developing, reinforcing and changing the culture of an organization. The HR department is responsible for recruiting new employees as well as retaining current ones.


The Importance Of HR In An Organisation

Some of the duties undertaken by the HR department includes:

  • They are responsible for creating a culture that is conducive and empowering for employees, while also providing them with opportunities for growth within their career path.
  • They are responsible for recruiting and retaining a diverse group of employees that best fit in with company culture while also maintaining positive employee relations through effective management techniques such as career development plans and training programs.
  • HR can be considered as the heart of an organization and is responsible for maintaining a healthy company culture that fosters productivity and morale in workers, implementing compensation plans so people are incentivized for their contributions within the company.
  • They also help companies maintain compliance regulations ensuring the company has appropriate policies in place.

They also work to make sure that every individual has what they need to be successful on their job – whether it’s training or resources or even just a friendly face.


This responsibility means that HR will have many different duties including interviewing candidates before hiring them, managing employee relations with supervisors and managers, conducting performance reviews (both positive and negative), promoting company values through various channels such as newsletters/blogs/social media posts, etc., leading diversity initiatives within the workplace – which can sometimes prove difficult if there are differences between cultures at play- implementing wellness programs into an organization and more.

HR is also responsible for setting policies that encourage employee engagement, such as flexible work schedules or paid time off. They are also tasked with ensuring compliance to these policies by conducting regular audits on company performance and providing feedback to top management about how they can improve their workplace experience.

The HR department is responsible for many duties within an organization and therefore an HR’s role in an organization is vitally important.

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