What Is The Role Of An HR Recruiter?


A Human Recourse (HR) recruiters main role is to fill available positions within a company. Recruiters also may extend job offers depending on the needs of their company as well as what they feel would be a good fit for an applicant considering if there are any current openings that need filling in their department or at all within the company.

What Is The Role Of An HR Recruiter

They also may test applicants for skills or personality traits that are relevant to the job position in order to identify those who might be a good fit with the company culture.


Recruiters create a plan with the help of an HR manager that includes time frames for each step in the recruitment process, from posting opportunities online to interviewing candidates before making decisions about hiring them.

The role requires flexibility as well as creativity because recruiters are constantly looking at different ways to attract talent without breaking budgets.


The recruitment process can be broken down into three steps:

  1. posting the position on a company website or social media,
  2. contacting potential candidates,
  3. conducting interviews with qualified candidates who have applied for the position.

In summary, an HR recruiters duties and responsibilities are to identify, attract, interview, select, hire and onboard employees.

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