How to check SUN Application Status

After applying for admission to the Stellenbosch University, you would be curious to know if you are going to be admitted by the institution, and with this, you are probably going to be waiting for an E-mail telling you if you are admitted or not, but at times you might not receive this Mail as early as you expected, So SUN has come up with how you can check your Application Status.

Below you would be reading how to Check SUN Application Status. DemzyPortal has written down the step by step guide on how you can track your Application Status.

SUN Application Status

How To Check SUN Application Status

Below are the steps you should follow in order to track your SUN Application Status.

  1. Visit the SUN Single Sign-On by clicking here.
  2. Type in your Username.
  3. Type in your student number.
  4. type in your password
  5. Click on the sign-in.
  6. You should see an indication if you were offered admission and other vital information regarding your application.

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SUN Application Status Contacts Info

For more information regarding your application status, you can contact the Stellenbosch University by visiting their contact page Or you visit their official website below:

Sun Official Website –

If you have any additional issues, drop a comment below and we would give you a positive reply.
Congratulations and Best of Luck.

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