UMP Received more than 9 500 first-time Applications For 2022

The University of Mpumalanga students has had 6 700 students since it had opened its doors six years ago. This year, the university has received more than 9 500 first-time applications for its undergraduate courses.


UMP Received more than 9 500 first-time Applications For 2022

The university management says the high number of applications is an indication that they are slowly becoming a university of choice.

The university has confirmed that its aim is to register more than 10 000 students, annually by the year 2024.


The university has two campuses, one in the heart of the city of Mbombela, another one being located more than three hours away from the Mbombela main campus.

According to the university’s spokesperson, Tlangelani Ubisi, the university had a growth from last year, whereby the university had about 54 000 applications.

This has proven to be a challenge for the university to register students for the 2022 academic year.


When speaking to media, in a SABC interview, one of the university’s students shared how students have been impacted during this time:

People end up doing courses that they don’t want because they don’t have a choice. They just go for anything that is available.

Popular qualifications amongst the students who applied were Bachelor of Education in Foundation Phase Teaching, Diploma in Hospitality Management, and Bachelor of Arts.

The growth of this institution of higher learning has also led to a great economic impact on the city of Mbombela as more and more students flock to this institution for learning.

Ubisi said students will need to be transported to and from campus, and beyond that, will also consume goods.


Some students will also seek student accommodation in the vicinity of this institution, this is positive news for the economy of this city.

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