University Closes Early Due To Provincial Floods

Floods and heavy rainfall continue to cause damage across parts of KwaZulu- Natal. One of the universities in the province has decided to go for an early recess as a safety precaution. Here is what officials at the institution have had to say regarding their decision.

University Closes Early Due To Provincial Floods

Mangosuthu University of Technology has opted to shut its doors before schedule, following the recent heavy floods that have wreaked havoc in most parts of KwaZulu-Natal.

In a statement issued on Wednesday morning, the institution’s Acting Vice-Chancellor & Principal, Prof. Mathabeng Marcus Ramogale said that they had been monitoring the state of disaster in Umlazi and surrounding areas in the province.

As a consequence of the above-mentioned circumstance, the university’s committee has decided it would be best to send the university into an early recess in order to prioritize the safety of its staff and students.

To this end, we have concluded that your safety and that of your families should come first despite the challenges we all have with the academic calendar. It is for this reason that I wish to inform you that we have taken a decision to close the University for an early recess today, the 13th of April at 13h00.

Professor Ramogale further stated that they would give staff and students the required time to attend to any responsibilities that have resulted from the current circumstances.

Acting Vice-Chancellor went on to send a message wishing the university’s community a safe and reflective Easter Holiday throughout the upcoming long weekend.

“I would like to send an Easter message to all of you and remind you that this is a season of self-reflection on our religious beliefs. I wish to request you to dedicate this long weekend to your families whether they are close by or far away.” he adds

The floods, which continue to cause significant property damage throughout the province, are reported to have taken close to 60 lives as of Wednesday 13 April 2022.

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