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What Can I Study At Unisa?


If your question is What Can I Study At Unisa? read this article carefully because we have written down some courses that you may choose from. Unisa offers a range of undergraduate courses and qualifications in seven major fields of study.

These qualifications consist of higher certificates, advanced certificates, diplomas, advanced diplomas and bachelor’s degrees.

What Can I Study At Unisa?

As an undergraduate, you will need to weigh up your options and choose the course and qualification that best suit your career ambitions.As an undergraduate, you will need to weigh up your options and choose the course and qualification that best suit your career ambitions.


If you don’t know what courses to study or want to change your current career path explore the following fields of study offered at Unisa.

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Accounting Studies

Are you good with numbers? Unisa offers accounting sciences, internal auditing, management accounting and taxation courses for would-be accountants and financial advisors.

Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

Are you passionate about the environment? Find ways to protect the planet by learning more about zoology, conservation, landscape horticulture, biochemistry, life sciences, environmental management and more.


Economic and Management Sciences

Would you like to start your own small business? You can learn everything you need to know about the marketplace through one of Unisa’s many business-related courses, that include; marketing, retailing, human resource management, administration, logistics and supply chain management.


With the help of a qualification, you can make a difference by molding young minds. Unisa offers foundation, intermediate and senior phase study programmes for aspiring educators and lecturers.

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Human Sciences

Are you interested in uplifting your community? A human science qualification can equip you for this role. Get a higher certificate in social auxiliary work or a bachelor’s degree in community development. If your interest leans more towards governance join a political leadership, international relations or government and administration course.


Do you want to practice law? The areas of law are wide and varied. For example criminal justice, corrections management, policing and forensic sciences all fall under the legal sector and are offered at Unisa.

Science, Engineering and Technology

These three fields which form part of the STEM subjects cluster are expected to grow in demand as the world becomes increasingly digital. Earn a qualification in mathematics, statistics, computing informatics, physics and chemistry and get ready for this shift.


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