Amended National Senior Certificate | Everything You Need To know

An Amended National Senior Certificate is given to you once you have completed the Adult Matric course. Adult Matric is a great choice if you were not able to finish or reach your matric year.

Adult Matric is a way for people with a Grade 9 certificate and older than 21 years of age to get a Matric Certificate. It is also called the Amended National Senior Certificate (ANSC).

How To Pass Amended National Senior Certificate

You can get your Matric – no matter your age. Because you are no longer at school, you do not get a “school” mark, as part of your final mark. (The “school mark”, which you DON’T need, is also known as the School-Based Assessment or SBA.)

Your final results are only based on the exams you will be writing in the May / June exam session.

How Adult Matric works

Step 1


During your registration, find help from knowledgeable persons to guide you to choose subjects that are right for you and then focus on the subjects where you need better marks.

Step 2


Once you have successfully completed your registration, your study materials should be delivered via courier within 5 – 7 days after registration.

Step 3


When preparing for your exams, work through the study materials, old exam papers and extra study materials developed and found online.

Step 4


Necessary arrangements for you to write your exam will be given; assistance on your exam registration and closer exams centers.


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