What is UIF Death Benefits?

In this article, you will see the breakdown of what is UIF Death Benefits, the documents needed when applying for UIF Death Benefits, and the conditions you must follow.


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What is UIF Death Benefits?

Every month, workers contribute to the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF). This money can be accessed should they require short term financial relief if they lost their job.


Employees who work for more than 24 hours per month are required to contribute 1% of their monthly remuneration to the UIF. The employer must also contribute 1% of the employee’s monthly remuneration.

If a deceased contributor dies, this money can be accessed by dependents of the contributor. Here’s everything you need when applying for UIF death benefits, or what it’s actually known as, the dependent benefits.

You can apply for the dependent benefits if you are a spouse, life partner, guardian, or child of the deceased contributor.


Here’s the Required Documentation when applying for UIF dependant benefits 

  • 13 Digit Bar Coded/Smart card ID, Passport or Asylum Seekers Permit for both dependents and deceased’s death certificate.
  • Death certificate of the deceased contributor. (Only South African burial order issued by the Department of Home Affairs will be accepted).
  • For Children: in the case of a guardian, proof of guardianship is required if applicable, a letter confirming that a minor is still in school and a birth certificate will be required.
  • For Spouse: Marriage certificate.
  • For Partner: Lobola letter or an affidavit in case of life partner.
  • Proof of schooling is required for dependents who are between the ages of 21 and 25.

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Here’s the Qualifying Conditions for UIF Death Benefits

  • The surviving spouse/life partner must apply for benefits within 18 months from the date of death of the contributor.
  • A dependent child can only apply if the spouse/life partner has not applied. Children must also apply for benefits within 18 months from the date of death of the contributor.
  • If the surviving spouse failed to apply in the 18 months after the death of the contributor, the guardian of the child/children under the age of 21 can apply.
  • Children of a deceased contributor between the ages of 21 and 25 can apply for benefits. They must have been wholly dependent on the deceased contributor.
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