Will Sassa Pay The R350 Grant For Reconsideration Requests?

The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) has come under criticism after they announced changes to the qualifying criteria for the R350 grant that could result in less people receiving the crucial relief.


Will Sassa Pay The R350 Grant For Reconsideration Requests?

The Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant will no longer be distributed under the Disaster Management act, but rather under the Social Assistance Act.

Beneficiaries of the grant were informed that they needed to reapply for the grant. Many have now questioned what will become the reconsideration requests that were submitted earlier this year for months after they were rejected from receiving the R350 grant from Sassa.


Sassa spokesperson Paseka Letsatsi also assured all individuals who made appeals to the agency that they will be paid.

He explained that Sassa had to ensure that administrative matters were inline with the new regulations under which the grant will be provided to members of the public.

Letsatsi said, “We needed to make an agreement with us and the banks, if you make an appeal we need to make sure that there are certain things that we need to comply with especially the POPI Act”.


He added, “if we engage the banks, the banks will tell you that we cannot give you any information of an individual we’ll be violating the legislation, however we think we are getting very close to each other in the banks and other stakeholders to make sure that those who made an appeal paid”.

Letsatsi said:

I can assure you now, each and every individual who appealed and qualifies will definitely be paid, that thing is not going to fall off.

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