SRD Grant: Are you Approved But No Paydate?


Has your Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant been approved however, you still have not received a Paydate or Payment date, Here is how you can fast-track your payments and get your SRD Grant paid to you.

SASSA Grant recipients who have been approved for the SRD grant, but have not received a payment date on their status or earlier months may fast-track their payments. Those who have selected to be paid through the Postbank system or Cashsend option may open a bank account and upload their account details to receive their payments faster.

Steps on How To Upload Bank Details To Sassa:

Are you Approved But No Paydate

  • Insert your ID number.

  • Click “Submit”.
  • An SMS containing a secure link will be sent to the mobile number with which you registered during your application.
  • Click on the link.
  • Follow the instructions.

Those who select to receive their payments into a bank account should ensure that they are the owner of the account. Beneficiaries are reminded that Sassa will not pay their grant into another person’s bank account.


If they do not have their own bank account, they are encouraged to open one in their own name. However, if they are not able to, they may choose the money transfer option.

Beneficiaries who choose the money transfer option will receive their payments through one of the major banks. They are encouraged to ensure that the mobile phone number on which they received the SMS is registered in their name because it will be linked to the money transfer payment method.

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Sassa reminds its SRD recipients that they will not pay their grant payments to a phone number that is registered to someone else. Beneficiaries may then buy a SIM card and register it in their name and use it to make use of the money transfer option.


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