How to Change SASSA SRD Grant Payment from Post Office to Bank Account


We have already written an article about How To Change R350 Grant Payment Method To Bank Account because by default the SASSA SRD R350 grant payment option is the post office using the applicant’s ID or opt for post-Bank Virtual card which is currently free and can be used at some selected ATM locations and Post Offices for withdrawal.

As SASSA has encouraged applicants to use their personal preferred bank account payment options, applicants are to submit their bank account details when applying.

But in some cases, others forgot to use their own bank accounts or may not have the bank account at all and may have created a new bank account and would therefore want to change payment option.


 Change SASSA SRD Grant Payment from Post Office to Bank Account

Because the bank account payment method is best way of getting your SASSA Special Relief of distress grant compared to the default payment method (Post office) you can follow the steps below to change from post office to bank account:

SASSA wants to make sure it is the applicant who is actually changing the bank account, there are security measures put in place:

  • Click on the link
  • Scroll down to the bottom section where is a label “How do I change my banking details”

Change SASSA SRD R350 Payment from Post Office to Bank Account

  • Enter your 13 digits ID number used to apply and click the submit button.
  • SASSA will send you a a unique web link to the cell phone number used during the SRD R350 Grant Application.
  • Click on the link received and wait until that web page is fully loaded.
  • It will ask you a few queries on the banking details of your account such as
    • Bank Name
    • Bank type
    • Branch
    • Account Number
  • Then if you are satisfied with the entries after making sure you accurately entered the account details and click on submit.
  • SASSA will give you a notification indicating successful submission of bank account details.
  • Please note that this one too works with when you you want switch from bank account to post office or ewallet(Cash Send).

As a matter of fact SASSA has stressed the need for the bank account being used to have same details as the applicant. SASSA will verify the account before payment is issued.

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  1. I can change this number because I don’t know this guy can apply for me.the first number can change 0730004805 change to 0788103861 please

  2. It’s being 6 months never received my R350 can you help my sassa my name thapelo phamodi my number 0749909947

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