SASSA Child Grant Balance Check


SASSA Child Grant Balance Check Online: A Guide on how to check SASSA Card Transactions Online as well for old persons grant and disability grant and others.

How to Check Sassa balance? The Post Office gives beneficiaries the way to check their balance on their cards using a cell phone.

You will be asked to enter your ID number and your balance will show. The cost of this service is 60c. Just Dial *120*3210# on your phone. If it does not go through then try contacting Post Office on 0860 111 502 for the changes made to their sassa card balance.


SASSA Debit Card from Post Bank
The SASSA Account is linked to a Debit Card which allows beneficiaries to make transactions electronically everywhere where a VISA or MasterCard logo is displayed. However, the SASSA account will be restricted to the payment of Social Assistance and any other Social Security Related Benefits.

Benefits :
The account will allow the following transactions at no cost to the beneficiary:
1 Cash withdrawal over the counter at a SA Post Office branch per month.
1st Issued biometric enabled EMV chip card;
Replacement biometric enabled EMV chip card (per annum);
3 Retail merchants cash withdrawals (per month);
Purchase and cash back combinations at retail merchants;
1st ATM balance enquiry (per month);
1 Mini statement at SA Post Office branches;
1st Full statement (for a maximum period of 3 months) at SA Post Office branches
1st PIN Reset at SA Post Office branches (per annum);
PIN Reset at SASSA offices.


How to Apply: You can apply at your nearest SASSA office for more information on the requirements and how to apply for a grant.

What if my mobile phone number and bank account details do not match? While going through the application process, applicants were requested to provide their phone number, postal address and bank account details. They were given freedom to choose and update their preferred payment method.

However, according to the agencies policies, they cannot pay any money to a phone number registered in another persons name who is not the applicant. Therefore, if the bank details you provided are yours, the funds will be credited to your bank account.

Will I receive the grant if I am not vaccinated? The SASSA R350 grant is not conditional. Therefore, anyone qualifies for it. It does not matter whether you are vaccinated or not.


What does ‘your application is active’ mean? According to SASSA, this message means that the department has received your application and is reviewing it. This message is not part of the status check to tell you your application went through. Therefore, the message means you might qualify for the fund or not.

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