Basic Education Minister Announces 2021 Matric Results


The day has officially arrived when the Minister of Basic Education announces the Matric results. This year’s Matric results came as a surprise when compared to the previous year’s Matric results.

Basic Education Minister Announces 2021 Matric Results

Before matriculants receive their results, Minister Angie Motshegka will conduct the annual examination results announcement tonight.


The grade 12 class of 2021 results announcement ceremony takes place the day before learners receive their individual National Senior Certificate (NSC) results. This is the final step in the matric exam schedule.

The results announcement ceremony starts at 18:00 and will be available on the Department of Basic Education’s social media pages. The results will also be broadcasted to the public.


During the ceremony, the minister will reveal the provincial results. This information is normally followed by statistics around the marks learners achieved as well as the types of matric passes they have achieved.

The class of 2021 have to overcome a number of challenges in the lead up to their NSC examinations.

The Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent locklowns severely disrupted their grade 11 school year. Some have also had to adjust to rotational learning which impacted the amount of time they spend in the classroom.

During the examination period, loadshedding also hindered some students’ ability to study as the country experienced power outages.


All these factors were considered during the standardisation meeting. The standardisation meeting brings together a number of bodies to discuss and consider the various challenges faced by matriculants that would have negatively impacted their results. These are challenges that are considered to have been out of the learners’ control.

Earlier this week, examination body Umalusi approved the release of the 2021 NSC results. The body determined the results to be largy inline with their policies and regulations. However, they did note that a small number of students had unauthorised access to examination papers before they wrote their examinations.

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