Change Phone Number For NSFAS | A Step-By-Step Guide

National Student Financial Aid Scheme applicants and beneficiaries have the opportunity to change the phone number they have provided to NSFAS. To find out how to do this, continue reading.
Change Phone Number For NSFAS

Should your mobile number have changed, for whatever reason, you have to then update NSFAS with this information.

How to Change Phone Number For NSFAS

Students who wish to update their contact details can do so by following the steps below:
Step 1. Login to my.nsfas.org.za
Step 2. On the already registered tab enter your username and Password
Step 3. Click on sign in button
Step 4. Click on my personal details
Step 5. Go to the cellphone number section
Step 6. Delete and remove and type in the new cellphone number Click on update details
Step 7. OTP will be sent to your new number, Enter OTP and submit
Step 8. The number is successfully changed  (if a duplicate number exists student will get an error message).
Please Note: Do not share the One Time Password (OTP) with anyone.

How To Update Phone Number For NSFAS Via Email

Students who are unable to change their details online can use the manual method below;

Send a certified copy of your green barcoded ID or smart card, and a completed affidavit specifying that they have changed their cell phone number; with the new and old number listed to uds@nsfas.org.za.
NSFAS is the National Student Financial Aid Scheme, which provides disadvantaged students at tertiary education institutions with funds to cover their educational costs.
NSFAS has proposed that from 2023 students should pass 75% (or three quarters) of the modules they take in order to get further funding from NSFAS. Although it must be noted that this is just a proposal and has not been finalised or come into effect yet.
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