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CUT Past Exam Papers – CUT Past Question Papers

Many people want to get the CUT Past Exam Papers so they can revise for the next exams, and the Central University of Technology has made it possible for students to access Past Exam Papers online. Below you will learn how to get CUT Past question papers and Memorandum.


How Do I Get CUT Past Exam Papers?

To access CUT Old Question Papers, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit The CUT Library 
  2. Scroll down and click on Archives: Exam Papers
  3. Enter your username and password as follows:
    Username= CUT\Student Number
    E.g. CUT\2090000000
    Password = ABCDE12$
    Note: Do not check “Remember my credentials” checkbox
  4. Once you have login to your account, select Used Exam Papers.
  5.  Select the first letter that represents your Subject Code.
  6.  Click on the Select Subject field to select your specific subject.
  7. . Click on View
  8. Old Exam Question Papers will be displayed at the bottom.
  9. . Click on Download to download the question paper.

View this PDF for Screenshot Display on How to access CUT Old Question Papers – Click Here

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  • Memorandums are helpful for exam preparation.
  • They will help you pass the module you’ve been struggling with.

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Contact Info

For more information on how to get Past Question papers at CUT, you can visit the school website below:

  • Central University of Technology Official Website – Click Here


From the above article, you have learned how to get CUT Past Exam Papers Online, If the is any other information you need you can drop a comment below.


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