Does NSFAS Fund Vega School Students?


Do you plan on studying at Vega School, but you’re unsure whether NSFAS will fund your studies? Well, keep reading to find out if they do.

Vega is an educational brand of The Independent Institute Of Education and established in 1999. The institution is also registered with The Department Of Higher Education and Training as a private higher education institution under the Higher Education Act 1997.

Vega offers qualifications of a high standard and specifically focuses on brand leadership and management, brand strategy, innovation and creative brand communication design. Their main aim is to create graduates who are able to create a change by creating strategic solutions for brand challenges in the business and society.


So does the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) fund Vega Students?

The answer is no. NSFAS does not fund any Vega Students because they do not provide funding for private institutions. NSFAS only funds South African students who attend public universities and TVET Colleges.


Vega does however offer their students financial assistance and discounts.

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Financial assistance applications are open to students who will be registering for higher certificates, 2nd and 3rd year degrees and postgraduate qualifications for one year up to a maximum of 50%. These applications will be considered on an individual case by case basis.

Students may also apply for the Bright Star Merit Award, by submitting the Bright Star Merit Award form and supporting documentation to Vega. The deadline to submit this form is the end of February of each year. This Award will allow students a fee reduction based on outstanding academic performance in their matric year or undergraduate qualification. Details on this Award can be found in the registration contract.


Application forms are available from the student’s Contact Navigator or Relationship Navigator

Leadership Awards are also awarded in your first year of registration only with the IIE Vega. This Award grants students discounts based on the leadership position that they held in high school. The following Leadership Award discounts are offered:

  • Head Prefect: A discount of R6000 is awarded to a student who held the position of Head Prefect or equivalent.
  • Deputy Head Prefect: A discount of R3500 is awarded to a student who held the position of Deputy Head Prefect or equivalent.
  • Prefect: A discount of R2500 is awarded to a student who held the position of Prefect or equivalent.

Students are required to attach confirmation of their leadership position from their school should they qualify for the leadership award.

Students also have other options for financial aid such as through a Fundi Educational Loan which will cover a range of expenses to enable students to pursue their studies without experiencing the financial burden while doing so.

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Visit the Fundi website for more information on their funding.

The Summit Educational Trust also provides financial assistance by offering bursaries to underprivileged South Africans who might not otherwise have access to education. Their focus includes applicants from all IIE-Vega campuses.

Visit the Summit Educational Trust website for more information.

Students can also make use of student loans from various South African banks in order to fund their studies.

Click here for more information on financial aid at Vega School. 

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