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How to Fill out Z83 Form Online


In this article, you will a step-by-step guide on how to fill out and download your Z83 Form Online for free. These are the steps to consider when completing the Z83 form to improve your chances of landing a position with a South African Government.

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How to Fill out a Z83 Form Online



Before you fill the form Make sure that all of your information is accurate. A new set of questions are being asked on this form.

Some of these are connected to prior convictions for crimes, whether you’ve previously been fired for misbehavior in public service, as well as any upcoming disciplinary hearings.


Follow the instruction below to fill out your Z83 form online.


  • log on to or click our direct link
  • Click on start
  • on the search bar, type in Z83 and click on search button below
  • You can sign up for free if you want.
  • Click on Z83 application form for employment
  • Fill in the relevant fields


Under Section A

  • Be sure to fill in the correct reference number
  • This would have been given in the advert for the job
  • If you are available immediately, you should then put ‘IMMEDIATELY’ in the last block

Under Section B.


Fill in your surname and full names

  • Fill in your date of birth using the format DD/MM/YY
  • If you are a South African, you only need to fill out the ‘Identity Number’ section. If you are a foreigner, you only need to fill out the ‘Passport number’ section
  • Mark an ‘X’ under the correct choice the race section
  • Mark an ‘X’ for the Yes/No questions
  • Fill in the additional information when asked

Section C

  • Fill in your preferred language for correspondence
  • Circle which method of correspondence you prefer. This would be the way they communicate with you
  • Under contact details:
  • Should you have circled ‘Post’, fill in your postal address
  • Should you have circled ‘E-mail’, fill in your email address
  • Should you have circled ‘Fax’, fill in your fax number
  • Should you have circled ‘Telephone’, fill in your telephone number or cellphone number

Section D

  • In the blanks section, list the languages you can write or speak (one per block)
  • You must then indicate in the “Speak” row whether you are a “goof,” “fair,” or “poor” under each language in each block.
  • You will then indicate in the “Write or read” column if you are a “goof,” “fair,” or “poor” for each language in each block.

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Section E

  • Fill in the required fields

Section F

  • Fill in the required fields

Section G

  • Fill in the required fields


  • Sign and date the form

Remember to include your initials in the space designated for them in the bottom right corner of each page.

If you are instructed to send a CV, do so, along with any other documents they may have requested. You will have been provided an address where you must deliver the finished form by hand or mail it.

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