Forms Needed For UIF TERS Appeals

The UIF provides short-term financial relief to workers who have contributed to the fund. Find out Forms Needed For UIF TERS Appeals below.


UIF Means Unemployment Insurance Fund.

Forms Needed For UIF TERS Appeals

The UIF introduced the Temporary Employer/Employee Relief Scheme (TERS) in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The TERS scheme would supplement workers who lost income due to the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns.


If your application for TERS relief was rejected, you may choose to appeal this.

You will need to complete the form based on the lockdown period when submitting a TERS application appeal. You are also required to submit a UI-12 form along with any supporting documents that may be deemed relevant and will strengthen your appeal application.

Sector Appeal Form for Iteration 9 (16 March 2021 to 27 June 2021) – Click HERE to download the form.


Sector Appeal From for Iteration 7 (16 October 2020 to 31 December 2021) ; 8 ( 1 January 2021 to 15 March 2021) ; 10 (28 June 2021 to 25 July 2021)  – Click HERE to download the form.

Follow the Steps listed below to Submit TERS Appeals 

Step 1: Dial 0800 030 007

Step 2: Select Covid-19 TERS option


Step 3: Inform the call center agent which sector you are applying for

You must meet the following requirements to qualify for TERS benefits 

  1. Not been able to work at all due to the lockdown
  2. Asked to work short time or reduced hours
  3. Suffered a reduction of salaries due to the lockdown

TERS benefits are delinked from the UIF’s credit system. This means that the TERS benefits you receive are not determined by the amount of credits you have accumulated from time worked.

If you work for more than 24 hours per month, you are required by law to make contributions to the UIF. These contributions are made on a monthly basis where 1% of your salary is contributed to the fund. Your employer is required to match this 1% and contribute it to the fund.


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