How To Appeal An NSFAS Rejection 2023 – Step-by-Step Guide


Was your NSFAS Application 2023 Unsuccessful? You Still have a chance to submit an appeal for an NSFAS Rejection 2023. This post will guide you through the process to successfully Appeal A NSFAS Rejection.
How To Appeal An NSFAS Rejection 2023

Students whose 2023 applications for NSFAS Funding were unsuccessful should submit their appeals directly to NSFAS through the MyNSFAS portal. If you are told that you have been rejected for NSFAS funding you are able to appeal the decision. In previous years you had to fill out a paper form but from 2023 this is no longer necessary.

If you applied before the end of November 2019 for funding to study in 2023 you can appeal the decision online via your MYNSFAS student portal account.


How To Appeal An NSFAS Rejection

Follow these steps to appeal your NSFAS rejection:

  1. Log into your MyNSFAS account at https://my.nsfas.org.za/
  2. Click the Track Funding Progress option.
  3. Check the application progress tabs.
  4. If your application status reflects that it is unsuccessful, then you may submit an appeal by clicking on the Submit Appeal tab.
  5. Once you are on the Application Appeal page, you’ll be able to see the reason for your unsuccessful application status.
  6. Write a motivational letter stating the reasons why you are appealing your application status.
  7. Your motivational letter must not exceed 1000 characters (words including spaces).
  8. Upload certified supporting documents to support your motivation. A maximum of 5 documents.
  9. Click Submit Appeal.
  10. You will be able to track the progress of your appeal via your MyNSFAS account.



We wish you luck on your appeal. Kindly share your experience below to help others.

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48 Replies to “How To Appeal An NSFAS Rejection 2023 – Step-by-Step Guide


  2. My application was unsuccessful due to missing supporting documents how to check which documents are missing

      1. I was mistakenly recorded as a student who is affected by N+2 rule yet l am affected by an N+1 cause l only started varsity in 2018 and that was my 1st time funding. What should l do to fix that matter?

    1. Hi guys… If there is someone who managed to get help regarding unsuccessful nsfas application due to missing documents, please help. Share with us what steps to follow.

  3. There is no submit appeal button. Or maybe the date for appeals haven’t opened yet.. I cannot believe my application was unsuccessful due to an invalid reason

  4. My application is also unsuccessful I think is because I didn’t upload salary Advice…so where can I submit it bcs there is no such option on myNSFAS acc …pls help bfr they close..thank you!

  5. My application is unsuccessful due to missing documents but there is no submit button for outstanding documents. I’ve been trying to contact Nsfas but I’m failing to get through to them. This is so frustrating as the closing date is nearer. This is really so unfair as our applications are deemed unsuccessful due to missing documents that we were never given a chance to upload. To be honest when I applied I uploaded all the documents, I’m so surprised which documents are they referring to.

  6. They the reason is because of the household income that exceed 350 000. Am i also allowed to appeal because there is no way my father is going to be able to fund me, there’s too many of us at home.

  7. Why does the tutorial say that if you’ve applied before end-November that you’ll be able to appeal?
    When will I be able to appeal having applied before the end of December within the first deadline before any extensions?

  8. My NSFAS application was not approved, due to my father’s salary above R350,000. I want to appeal and submit his death certificate, he passed away in November 2021. On MYNSFAS there is no tab that is allowing me to submit an appeal. Please assist.

  9. MY Application Submitted on the 5th of November 2021 for NSFAS Funding and they Replied on the 20th of January 2022 Saying my Application Unsuccessful Reason; Missing Supporting Documents I tried to Call & Reach them they said i must wait for Closing Date,today they are very busy they can’t Attend calls and than Appeal i did that as it’s 24th of January 2022 i Can’t Find Tab Button for “Send Appeal” Dont know what else to do Anyone with help Guys plese Share .

  10. Sir my application was unsuccessful due of missing documents and I don’t know what are those documents also there’ s no requested documents …so how can I submit the missing documents..or can I be able to do an appeal via mynsfas account ..

    Thank you

    Kind regards
    Sicelo mkhize

  11. Sir I can’t complete my application because I don’t have access on the email and contact number they used when they do my application

  12. If the application rejected due to over 350k income.e which is untrue whose doing an appeal parents or applicant

  13. Hi there, there is no submit appeal button on the NSFAS student’s account. Both me and my son is doing the appeal together. On a number of occassions I tried to call at 8am, no one is answering phones. Please assist.

  14. My child’s application was declined, due to combined salary above 350k which is not true, what should we do??

    1. Tell NSFAS Why you think they should reconsider their decision by submitting an appeal with the steps provided above.

  15. NSFAS is giving students the run around and this is not fair. Parents and students are calling since 8am for assistants and were receiving endless messages that there is a high volume of calls. Will there be an extension, as the portal at present is inactive so no one can appeal. The applicant is online day & night and this is so wrong of NSFAS to cripple people this way.

  16. When did the appeals open, because the online show the appeal is opened on 24 January but if I try to download an appeal form it can’t display it.

  17. Nsfas rejected saying income is greater than 350k which is not true. So which appeal reason do i choose there? Thank you.

    1. You are appealing with some points and facts that your Household income is not up to or more than 350k.

      Hope this helps.

  18. Can I appeal if I’m R350K but I have a sibling who is also in university but have nsfas? If yes what documents do I need to provide?

  19. Hello sir I’m confused here my application was unsuccessful due to missing documents but I remember uploading every document that was required. On the other hand I can’t find the appeal tag on my account so help me please I’m running out of time here.

  20. is the motivationL letter , the letter that says get from instutution? bcos at the instutution they say they cant provide such letter

  21. Hi sir I’ve submitted my appeal but I never see where to upload supporting documents I only clicked the reason that was there which is i dropped out due too i had a baby since I was rejected due too N+1 rule ,please assist how to go about this issue

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