Documents Needed For NSFAS Application 2022

If you intend to apply for the NSFAS application 2022, then here are the documents that are needed to be uploaded to complete the application process.


Many prospective applicants who are eagerly waiting for the reactivation of this year’s NSFAS bursary scheme are wondering what documents should be made ready before the application starts. We have therefore made arrangements and requests and have summed up all the documents in detail for various circumstances of the applicant.

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Find below the required documents for NSFAS Applications

  • Certified copy of ID Documents
  • Certified Copy of ID Documents of Parents or legal guardians if alive
  • Certified Copies of recent payslips if the applicant is working or that if the parent if they too are working.
  • If parents or guardians are retired, then a certain copy official pension slip or bank statement showing pension payments made in recent months or years.
  • If your parents or guardians are informal workers, provide an affidavit signed by the parents or guardians as a prove of employment.
  • If any of member of the household is a beneficiary of Social grants from SASSA, then a certified copy of SASSA letter must be submitted (uploaded).
  • If your parents or guardians are unemployed and do not receive any form of government grants whatsoever, then submit (upload) an affidavit to prove that.


Please take note of the following :

  • All the certified copies of the documents needed should not be more than three (3) months.
  • Documents can be certified at the South African Post Office or by the South African Police Service.
  • Applicants are advised to scan their documents separately at the internet Cafe with a powerful scanner for quality work. Don’t use your cellphone to scan.

If you are still having challenges applying or don’t have the means please visit any nyda centre near for assistance.


For more Info visit NSFAS Website: https://nsfas.org.za/

If you want to apply for NSFAS read NSFAS Application 2022.

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