How To Complete Your NMU Registration

Nelson Mandela University students are required to apply and register online. Once you have successfully applied and met the requirements to enroll at Nelson Mandela University, you are then allowed to register. Here’s how you can complete your registration.


Complete Your NMU Registration

Nelson Mandela University was established on 1 January 2005 as a result of the merger of the University of Port Elizabeth (UPE) and the Port Elizabeth campus of Vista University (Vista PE). These institutions merged to reconstruct higher education in South Africa at the time.

In 2017 the university officially got confirmation to rename itself as Nelson Mandela University. The rebranding provided an opportunity for the institution to make itself known continentally and globally.


Students who would like to attend the NMU will need to apply online. Once you have successfully applied you will then need to register at the university.

Here is how you can register at Nelson Mandela University:

  • Pay any outstanding registration fees or application fees
  • Log in with your student number and pin at this link:¬†
  • Once you have logged in select the registration tab
  • Read the terms and conditions and accept it if you are satisfied with the terms and conditions.
  • Next select register now, but make sure that all your course info is correct.
  • Click on the Modules tab and select the correct modules and you will need to accept payment costs for these modules.
  • Click on the Mandela password tab, write down the password given as you will need it to access your student email.

Students are urged to attend campus orientations in order to get information on how campus life will work and enhance your university experience at NMU.


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