How To Register For NSFAS Wallet | Ultimate Guide


In this article, you will learn how to register for NSFAS Wallet account, this is only applicable to students studying at TVET colleges that are on NSFAS beneficiaries.

To receive your NSFAS cash allowance and transact on the NSFAS Wallet system, you need to be funded by NSFAS.

Register For NSFAS Wallet


What Is NSFAS Wallet?

NSFAS wallet is a Wallet that will allow NSFAS beneficiaries to withdraw cash and/or spend at any merchant registered by NSFAS. Allowance amounts are determined through consultation with institutions, communicated to NSFAS when you register.

How to Register For NSFAS Wallet

To use or access NSFAS Wallet you must register by following the Procedure below:

  • Receive an SMS welcoming you to NSFAS Walle
  •  Verify your account by dialing *120*176# and reply with your ID number
  • Receive a password that you will use when transacting. Note that you need to keep this password secure at all times as anyone with access to your password may access or spend your money. It is advisable to log in to Celbux.appspot.com with your 5 digit password and update your password to something more secure and memorable.
  • Do not keep or save your password on your cell phone and always keep your cell phone’s screen locked with a password or pin.

Now that you have unlocked MyNSFAS Wallet Check out some useful info on how to use it below.

Facts About NSFAS Wallet

  • When your NSFAS Wallet account is created by NSFAS, you will receive a “Welcome” SMS advising you to verify your account.
  • Ensure at ALL times that you have access to the cell phone number you provided to NSFAS upon application, as this is the number we will use to deposit your funds.
  • Should you wish to withdraw cash, you may do so at any of our cash withdrawal merchants, Checkers, Boxer, U-Save and select Spar stores. Note that these stores have daily cash withdrawal limits from R200 – R1000 per day.
  • Spending at a registered store has no limit i.e. you can spend up to the maximum value of your cash wallet.

Creating NSFAS cash voucher for withdrawal

• Dial the short code *134*176#
• Enter your password
• Click Send
• Select option 1. Cash Voucher and click Send
• Enter amount and click Send
• Your newly created voucher will be displayed

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