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Important Deadlines For Matric Rewrite Candidates

The number of candidates for the mid-year matric rewrite examination slightly increased when compared to the cohort of candidates who sat for the exact same exam in the previous year. Basic Education has started its process of availing exam results for both National Senior Certificate and Senior Certificate candidates.

Important Deadlines For Matric Rewrite Candidates

The Education Department has confirmed that the headcount for this year’s May/June 2022 matric rewrites was a total of 290 682, this was an indication of a slight increase from the 239 024 candidates who sat for this exam in 2021.

The Western Cape Education Department has made an announcement:

Candidates of the May/June 2022 NSC & SC examinations who wish to apply for a re-mark, a recheck or a viewing of their scripts can do so online at https://eservices.gov.za.

The exam candidates also have the option of fetching their results from their examination centre. However, the provincial education department has afforded individuals an opportunity until 17 August 2022.

The Education Department has clarified that NSC candidates that sat for the exam, wishing to register for a rewrite, may do so in August to rewrite in November 2022. On the other hand, SC candidates may register for a rewrite in October 2022, to sit for the June 2023 exam.

Results for the May/June 2022 matric rewrite exam officially started being released on 3 August 2022, and the DBE has confirmed that candidates will be able to access their results on different dates, depending on the province that they reside in and also whether the candidate falls under the category of NSC and SC candidates.

Here is a schedule of when the statement of results will be made available in each province.

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