Internships Available At Road Traffic Management Corp (RTMC)

Road Accident Management Corporation is inviting applications for the Internship Programme that runs for a maximum period of 12 months in the following disciplines/fields of study.

Internships Available At Road Traffic Management Corp

The Road Traffic Management Corporation offers an Internship opportunity to unemployed graduates to apply in the fields that are in line with the Corporation’s core business.

Road Safety Road Safety

RTMC/I:RS/2021 Positions: 02

  • National Diploma in Marketing / Degree in Marketing BA in Psychology / BSc in Psychology / Degree in Applied Social Science

RTTA Administration

RTMC/I:A/2021 Positions: 03

  • National Diploma or Degree in Administration / Business Management

OCEO Internal Audit and Norms and Standards


RTMC/I:IA/2021 RTMC/I:NS/2021

Positions:01 01

  • B Com in Internal Auditing B Degree in Law / Legal

Road Traffic Information and Technology Operations and Business Applications Software Development

RTMC/I:RTIT/2021Positions: 05

  • National Diploma in IT or related IT Degree qualification

Finance Asset Management

RTMC/I:AM/2021 Positions: 01

  • National Diploma / Advanced Diploma or Degree in Commerce / SCM / or Logistics Management or equivalent

Corporate Services Secretariat Office of the EM:CS Transformation and Employee Relations (Wellness)

RTMC/I:S/2021 RTMC/CS:OEM/2021 RTMC/I:PS/2021 Positions: 01 01 01

  • National Diploma or Degree in Public Administration / Corporate Governance or LLB National Diploma or Degree Administration B Degree in Psychology / Honours in Psychology registered with HPCSA

Law Enforcement (LE) Office of the EM:LE LE: Administration & Logistics Road Crash Investigation

RTMC/LE:OEM/2021 RTMC/I:AL/2021 RTMC/I:RC/2021 Positions: 01 02 01

  • National Diploma / Degree in Administration / Business Management National Diploma or Degree in Administration / Business Management Degree / B Tech in Public Administration


All applicants must be South African citizens between the ages of 18-35 years who are unemployed graduates and have never participated in an Internship programme.

Successful candidates will be expected to sign an Internship Agreement and they will receive a monthly stipend which will be determined in accordance with the level of qualification.

National Diploma must be (NQF level 6) Bachelor’s Degree must be (NQF level 7) and Postgraduate qualification must be (NQF level 8).

Applications must be accompanied by a cover letter quoting the relevant reference number, a Curriculum Vitae, copies of the Identity Document, Senior Certificate and qualification, including academic transcript.

A separate application form must be submitted for each study field of interest.

It remains the responsibility of the applicant to have international qualifications evaluated by the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA).


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