How NSFAS Allowances Work For Unisa Students

If you are a UNISA student who is eligible for receiving funding from NSFAS for the 2022 academic year, then you might want to familiarize yourself with how their study material and living allowances work. Here is what you need to know.


Learning Material Allowance and Living Allowance for 2022

UNISA Students who receive funding from NSFAS are only eligible for a Learning Material Allowance (LMA) and a Living Allowance (LA).

The LMA is determined based on the number of modules registered. According to the DHET Grant Funding Guidelines for 2021: R600 per module for the first four modules and a R5 200 once-off fee for five to 10 modules.


If the amount of R5 200 LMA is paid for the first five modules, no additional LMA will be paid for additional modules.

Additionally, students who have registered for 10 modules will receive the LA. However, this allowance will be forfeited if a student registers for ten modules and later reduces the number of modules registered.

UNISA has also encouraged prospective students to apply for funding from the National Student Financial Scheme. The closing deadline for applications is on 7 January 2021.


Students who are unable to complete the application on their own, have been advised to visit their nearest National Youth Development Agency Centre, Thusong Centre or one of the NSFAS partner centres, where a NSFAS representative will assist them with submitting their application.

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