King Hintsa TVET College

King Hintsa TVET College aims to be responsive to the social and economic needs of their communities. Their mission is to equip their students with the essential skills to contribute to the development of rural communities. They offer a variety of courses and learnerships to their students. King Hintsa TVET College has five campuses including hostels.


King Hintsa TVET College

The King Hintsa TVET College is a merger of the former Centane Technical College, Teko Technical College, Willowvale Technical College, and Idutywa Satellite formerly known as Idutywa Community College.

The King Hintsa TVET College is situated in the South Eastern Region of the Eastern Cape. The Central Administration Office is at N2 Mthatha road, Butterworth next to WSU (Butterworth campus).


The college is spread between the two Local Municipalities with two campuses Centane ,Teko and Admin Centre situated in Mnquma Local Municipality. Dutywa and HB Tsengwa Campuses are situated in Mbashe Local Municipality. College campuses are within a radius of + – 60 KM apart. The college offers NC (V), Report 191, and Skills Development programs at different Campuses.

Assistance is provided to students when applying for bursaries. All students are encouraged to apply for these bursaries as well as NSFAS funding.

King Hintsa TVET College



An innovative institution recognized for training academic and technical excellence, responsive to the social and economic needs of our communities


A rural TVET College that offers quality education and training that will equip our students with essential skills to contribute to the development of our communities for South African economic growth

  • Ubuntu
  • Service Excellence
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Sustainable partnerships
Long-Term Strategic Goal

To provide students with quality education and training that responds to community needs.


  • National Certificate (Vocational)
  • Report 191 Engineering
  • Report 191 Business
  • Short Courses


In general, tuition costs at King Hintsa range between R2 000 and R30 000



  • Teko Campus
  • HB Tsengwa Campus
  • Centane Campus
  • Dutywa Campus
  • Msobomvu Campus


How to apply online

  1. Before applying, note the following:
  • Only prospective students should use this solution, new applicants only.
  • Returning students may apply on the iEnabler.
  • Applicants are accountable for all things done under their name on the solution.
  • It is the responsibility of each student to ensure that their application is completed.
  • The applicant’s contact details are up to date.
  • The applicant has a valid email address, if not they should create one or ask for assistance from the Application/Registration staff.
  • Have certified copies of the Applicant’s ID, Results, and Parent/Guardian/Next of Kin’s ID.
  • All fields/boxes that have a red asterisk (*) next to them are important and must be input/populated.
  1. Click on the Apply now icon.
  1. Select No on Do you already have a student number?
  1. Select No on Returning to complete the application
  1. Skip Do you have a Qualification Token?
  2. Read the Protection of Personal Information Act, then click on I Accept
  3. The Next button will now be activated, click on it
  1. Enter all the information in the following sections
  • All fields/boxes that have a red asterisk (*) next to them are important and must be input/populated.
  • When you see this box, it means you must select by clicking on it.
  • When searching type next to the % symbol, then search and select from the results.
  • The new PIN should:
    1. Be five (5) numbers long, i.e., *****.
    2. Be only numbers, i.e., 0 9 only.
    3. Not have a special character, i.e., “! @#$%^&*()_+=-”;
    4. Not start or end with zero (0), i.e., 04568 or 98560.
    5. Do not have repeating numbers, i.e., 99562or 93677, or 19937.
    6. Not have numbers that follow each other, i.e., 12345 or 45678or 54321
  • The pin will be used to login into the iEnabler to upload the applicant’s documents if they are unable to upload them

NB: Make sure you memorize your Student Number and pin and keep them safe.

  1. Complete application


  1. Login to iEnabler via this link or by clicking on iEnabler Login on the website using the student number and PIN
  2. Click on the Student Enquiry on the left-hand side, then click on Certificates Seen
  3. Click on the Load/View next to the document name to upload your document
  4. Click on Logout on the left-hand side.


TVET College

King Hintsa TVET College Website

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