Lovedale TVET College

Lovedale TVET College strives to be a well-capacitated, accessible, credible and self-sustaining TVET College, with flexible and dynamic programmes which are responsive to the needs of their community. They offer a variety of courses as well as assistance with applying for NSFAS funding, which provides financial relief to low-income households. All students are welcome to apply for NSFAS.


Lovedale TVET College


To be a College of excellence to deliver vocationally and occupationally skilled professionals as required by the economy.



The institution strives to be a well-capacitated, accessible credible and self-sustaining TVET College, with flexible and dynamic programmes which are responsive to the needs of the community, and public and private sectors.



Lovedale TVET College is committed to upholding the following values:

  • Professional integrity and good work ethics.
  • Culture of teaching and learning.
  • Culture of performance management and teamwork.
  • Staff development and holistic development of learners.
  • Respect for and promotion of cultural diversity.
  • Democratic principles.
  • Sound labour and human relation policies.
  • Mutual understanding and respect for each other.
  • Easy access to and flow of information.
  • Occupational health and safety.

Lovedale TVET College

Lovedale TVET College has a long and prestigious story to tell in the history of education in South Africa. Although the institution has changed shape and direction many times over the years, it has nonetheless remained an educational institution that has always had the interests of the surrounding community at heart.

Today, the Lovedale TVET College consists of three campuses, each one addressing the particular needs of the community. The history of the College is tied up in the history of each of its campuses: Alice Campus, in the little town of Alice in the Eastern Cape and the site of the original Lovedale, King Campus in King William’s Town, and Zwelitsha Campus, also in King William’s Town.


In 2002, when 152 technical colleges throughout the country were merged into 52 mega-colleges, Lovedale Public FET College was formed by the merger of the three above-mentioned institutions.

Colleges were placed under the Department of Higher Education in 2015 and once again changed their names from Further Education and Training (FET) to Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Colleges.


  • Business Studies
  • Engineering Studies
  • Agriculture and Arts Programmes


Consult the website for information regarding fees


  • Alice Campus
  • King Campus
  • Zwelitsha Campus


Applications may be made online via the website

TVET College

Lovedale TVET College Website

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