NSFAS Releases Funding List For Returning And Non-SASSA Applicants

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) has released application results for students who applied for funding for the first time and returning students on 06 February 2023. The funded list for continuing students was released today, 24 January 2023.


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NSFAS 2023 Funding List For Students Has Been Released

The management of the NSFAS has released the names of successful applicants offered provisional admission into the NSFAS for the 2023-2024 academic session.


More than 1.6 million applications were submitted by students hoping to be funded by the National Student Financial Aid Scheme in 2023 Academic. Now, many of these applicants are awaiting feedback from the bursary scheme.

To make sure that the 2023 academic year is delay-free, the NSFAS has provisionally approved and funded at least 613000 applications out of 1.6 million funding applications for 2023.

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In breaking down the applicants who have been provisionally accepted, NSFAS Board Chairperson, Ernest Khosa has confirmed that 338,320 are continuing students and 275,589 are new applicants. According to Higher Education deputy Minister Buti Mnamela South African Social Security Agency(SASSA) beneficiaries who will be entering universities and Technical Vocational Education and Training Colleges for the first time, have been instantly funded by NSFAS. While non-Sassa students must provide their household income. In a statement, the scheme was officially announced.

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The funding list contains names of students who qualify for the NSFAS funding as per the schemes qualifying funding criteria and they won’t be required to pay a registration fee for the 2023 academic year. NSFAS-funded students whose name appears on the funded list will now be able to proceed with registration for an approved qualification. According to Nsfas, a total of 161,139 applications have been rejected due to not meeting funding criteria, and as of 3rd February 2023, they are permitted to lodge an appeal.

The scheme confirms funding, and applications by Non-Sassa applicants and returning students require financial and academic eligibility verification with the help of third parties. Since Nsfas has improved its system to enable it to make real-time funding decisions, the scheme has confirmed that it is able to make real-time funding decisions.


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