SASSA SRD Status Approved But No SMS

If you are approved for the SASSA SRD grant application and you haven’t received any SMS from the Post Office for collection, kindly read this article carefully.


The Post office and SASSA came up with an idea that, in order to reduce overcrowding at the various Post offices around the country, applicants who have been approved with pay dates and collecting their grants from the Post Office should have received an SMS notification asking to collect grants.

 SASSA SRD Status Approved But No SMS



In addition to this, the last three digits of the applicant’s ID number will be used for collection on a particular date.

But the problem associated with the new SMS stuff is that last year something similar was said but little was done.

People who were approved a long time bit never received SMS from Post and sometimes they have turned away.


How frustrating that can be! and this year too, they are preaching the same sermon which they themselves find it difficult to abide by.

Corruption at the Post office

Post Office Payments were marred by so much corruption allegedly perpetrated by some workers of the post office with others collecting R50 from applicants.

Some applicants too reported some cases where when they went to collect their grants only to be told someone else has collected their grant in a different province. Which obviously does not make any sense!

The tellers were supposed to check the identity of the collector before issuing out cash but all these were reported but nothing was done about it.


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But in fact, if you have been approved and you have not received any SMS, probably post office is waiting for the SASSA regular grants payments to be completed for the month of September 2021 on the 7th of September 2021.

After that, we can expect payments from the Post Office, and possibly SMS will start coming up.

Post Office Working on USSD Code

Post Office spokesperson has once said, they are working on a USSD code that will help applicants to dial to find out if they have grant at the post office for collection.

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It is our hope this code will be implemented so that applicants who are already finalizing unstable have to sometimes travel with the little they have on them and only to be told there is no money for collection or no cash available.

Post Office must beef up their security and make sure receipts are issued anytime applicants come to collect grants.

Those charging R50 before issuing payments must be made to refund the amount or disciplined.

The unemployment rate in the country is too much and the youth should have their fair share of the national cake. Government should create employment opportunities for them.

Post Office Payments Dates for October 2021 SRD R350 Grant using Applicant’s last three digits of ID numbers.

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23 Replies to “SASSA SRD Status Approved But No SMS

  1. Hello. I would like to enquire about payment for SRD Grant for September, its been approved, but never received a pay date or a date when it was filed or a Sms.
    I have received my August and October R350 already, I had no problems recieving my cash at the post office they are all very friendly and helpful
    Thank you Kindly
    Hope to hear from you soon

  2. Rodwin Potberg I have been approved August September, October approved by no pay date plz inform me because I’m really stressed

  3. I have been approved for all these months but no paydate when I call m told about verification from the bank since August it is now November

  4. I have been approved since August but have never received any sms. When I go on my dates they say I’m not on the system. Rosettenville post office was selected to collect my money.

  5. i went to collect my money because didn’t receive a message and they said its not my date have to come back next time while the social media is saying if you did not not collect your money month end November they will forfeit your money. what must I do need the money.

  6. Srd grant was approved for November and December and January and February but still no paydate what’s going on

  7. My srd grand was approved with dates 04 January 2022 & 16 February 2022 but still no sms from post office what must I do

  8. Hii pls help me am not have money for taxi so my date was yesterday so can I get my money at post office?

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