Sassa Start Payment of R350 Grant For May 2022

The South African Social Security has officially resumed grant payments for recipients of the SRD grant. Have a look at the following dates for the rest of May 2022 so as to ensure that you receive your grant payment on time.


Sassa Start Payment of R350 Grant For May

With the current month having begun this past week, the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) had to prioritize other social grants. R350 grant beneficiaries will be pleased to know that grant payments for the Social Relief of Distress grant have officially begun for May.

This means that if you are a R350 grant recipient, you should ensure that you are aware and updated about all the upcoming grant payment dates for this month. Thus, here is a list of the next Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant payment collection dates for the rest of May 2022:


09 MAY: 080 & 085
10 MAY: 081 & 086
11 MAY: 082 & 087
12 MAY: 083 & 088
13 MAY: 084 & 089
16 MAY: 080 & 085
17 MAY: 081 & 086
18 MAY: 082 & 087
19 MAY: 083 & 088
20 MAY: 084 & 089
23 MAY: 080 & 085
24 MAY: 081 & 086
25 MAY: 082 & 087
26 MAY: 083 & 088
27 MAY: 084 & 089
30 MAY : 080 & 085
31 MAY : 081 & 08

The dates on the list above are organized by the last three digits of a beneficiary’s ID number. Beneficiaries should also wait for an SMS notification that their grant is ready to be collected.

Sassa has also advised beneficiaries to not visit the post office prior to receiving an SMS notification since their grant will not be available.


Sassa has also said that R350 grant recipients do not need to collect their grant on the first day and that the funds will always be available for collection.

Beneficiaries who have opted to receive their R350 grant through a bank account, should also note that there is no fixed payment date, as Sassa has assured beneficiaries that they will receive the funds owed to them.

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