Unisa Manages To Audit Most Of Its Qualifications


Some students have found themselves struggling to register for their next qualification after not receiving confirmation that they have completed their previous one. Unisa has come forward to explain recent developments in qualification audits.

Unisa Manages To Audit Most Of Its Qualifications

Unisa has audited almost 20 000 qualifications, with less than 1 300 qualifications left.


Once the audit has been finalised and the student’s qualification has been shown to be completed, students will be directly notified by the Directorate: Student Admissions and Registrations.

Should a student not receive this notification, it would be for the following reasons:

  • If you have a pending disciplinary hearing
  • Owe any outstanding fees or library material.

Students will be notified by e-mail and/or SMS, stating that they student has completed their qualification.

An Advance Statement of Results will be sent to the student’s myLife e-mail account, confirming completion of the qualification.

In a Unisa communique, the university stated:

If you have not yet received the qualification clearance message by end of March 2022, please send your query to the following email address:


For feedback, students are advised to check their myLife e-mail account.

This statement will be used in the interim by students either at work or applying to further studies as students await for their certificates to be issued at the university’s graduation ceremony.

After receiving this confirmation from Unisa, the university has students follow the link below for their graduation details:


In its statement, the university has urged students to verify that all of the information in their Advance Statement of Results is correct.

Should there be any errors, students ought to report those errors to the Graduations Office immediately.

For Graduation Office contact details, click here.

Unisa had also confirmed that it will be hosting a physical ceremony for its Autumn 2022 graduation, subject to Covid-19 regulations.

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