Why SASSA Now Requires Parents and Spouse ID Numbers For SRD R350 Grant Application?

For many applicants of the SASSA SRD R350 grant, this sounds bizarre, what on earth will SASSA now request ID numbers related to them such as partner or spouse, or parent.


Why SASSA Now Requires Parents and Spouse ID Numbers For SRD R350 Grant Application?

On Friday, 22nd April 2022 when the DSD in a press statement released, announced the finalization of the administrative work that governs the SRD R350 Grant.

The statement further indicated that all existing applicants are to reapply because there are additional requirements applicants will need to meet in order for them to be approved.


Among the new requirements looking at the online application forms applicants have to fill are a spouse ID number and parents ID number.

The spouse, we understand from sources close to SASSA indicates a legally married life partner not just any informal relationship.

Once more applicants are submit the ID numbers of their parents, but issue is if the parents are no more or their whereabouts cannot be traced, what do they (applicants) do?


SASSA says you can skip it if not applicable on your part as they are not mandatory fields.

But the question still remains: “why SASSA needs these people’s ID numbers”?

When you take a closer look at the media release statement from the DSD on Friday, it was very clear that, the new SRD R350 grant is only meant for those who do not have any source of financial support.

Thus if your parents are alive and employed or your spouse is working, then because of the relationship between you, the applicant must be receiving support economically.


Based on the above scenario, SASSA can decline your SRD R350 grants application for the mere fact that you are related to someone employed or working therefore you do not qualify to receive the grant.

Already in the previous SRD R350, applicants have been declined on the flimsy excuse that they received at least R595 from elsewhere into their bank account regardless of where the money is coming and for what purpose.

This is a clear attempt by the Minister of Finance, someone who has shown over the years, even prior to his appointment as Finance Minister, that he does not believe in giving stipends to citizens.

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