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Apply to CUT For 2022 (Central University Of Technology) Online Application

Apply to CUT –  Online Application 2022 – We have gathered information about CUT online application, registration, courses, and more. Find out what an applicant need to apply for admission at the Central University Of Technology, Read how you can apply to CUT Online below.


Apply to CUT Online Application

Apply To Cut – Application Breakdown

Note: Applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible in the application cycle. 

Before you begin applying online or in hardcopy, have a look at our infographic on Things to Remember Before Applying


Have you calculated your APS? You’ll need to do this before applying.

Apply to CUT using the online application

Things to note before applying online to Central University of Technology:

  1. You’ll need an email address to complete the application. Don’t have one? Get an email address first.
  2. You will need to first register as a user before you can apply online.
  3. Make sure you complete the application in full (just to make sure there is no delay from CUT).
  4. If you have any further questions about the online application process, CUT have more information.

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How to Apply Online

The CUT online application portal requires applicants to register first. Once you are ready to apply, you can follow the link below. Allow 4 to 6 weeks before checking your application status. You can check your application status using the CUT application status portal.

  • Go And Apply Now


Apply to CUT using the hardcopy application

Please note: 2022 applications open in May/June and close at the end of August. TBC.

Things to note before applying with a hardcopy form:

  1. Submitting a hardcopy application may take a bit longer than the online application. Please be patient.
  2. Make sure that you attach all relevant documents to your application form.
  3. Make sure you pay your application fee and submit proof of payment.

You may send your completed application form to the following address:


Private Bag X20539



Application Fees for Central University of Technology

CUT no longer charges applicants.

Submitting of Results and Documents

When it comes to submitting your documents, make sure that they are all certified copies of the original. You will also need to attach your latest academic results. You must ensure that your grade 11 and 12 examination results are submitted.

Are you a transferring student? If yes, you will need to make sure all your transcripts and academic records to date are submitted to the applications department as soon as possible.  A final transcript of your current studies will also need to reach CUT at the earliest possible date. This is pretty standard stuff.

Please note: You may need to write a selection test, depending on what it is you applied for and whether or not it is required. The institution will get in touch with you to write a test. Find out about the selection tests.

Do you have more questions? Find out more information about the admission requirements for prospective students.

Contact Central University of Technology:

For more information on how to apply to CUT, you can visit their website.

Alternatively, you can contact the CUT Admissions Department using the following details:

Tel: (+27) 51 507 3725

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