myNSFAS Up And Running Again, says NSFAS


NSFAS students have been faced with technical difficulties in the past few days. The scheme has promptly managed to come up with solutions for its students.

myNSFAS Up And Running Again, says NSFAS

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme portal had issues in previous days, hindering students from accessing the myNSFAS portal.


In a statement on the official NSFAS twitter account, it read the following:

NSFAS is pleased to inform you that the myNSFAS portal is up and running.


Students are now able to log onto their myNSFAS account to track their application status, submit an appeal in the event of their applications being unsuccessful. This includes viewing any NSFAS updates related to applications or funding.

Applicants who wish to appeal have been urged to submit their appeal upon receiving the unsuccessful status, within 30 days.

Applications for appeals are still open, and are set to close on 23 February 2022.

To submit an appeal application, you need to first log onto your myNSFAS portal and submit the appeal directly to NSFAS.


Please note that NSFAS will be managing all appeals directly on their myNSFAS portal.

Click here to start your process.

NSFAS has apologised for the inconvenience caused during this period, also encouraging its students to keep visiting their platforms for more information on appeals.

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