SASSA: Meaning of IRP5 Registered?

Approximately 4 million SRD grant applications were declined for August and more than 20% SRD grant were rejected by SASSA because they were IRP5 registered. To find out what this means you can read details below.


SASSA: Meaning of IRP5 Registered?

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has paid the R350 COVID-19 SRD grant for unemployed citizens. Many recipients were rejected and the reason for this was cited as because they were IRP5 registered.

When asked what this meant SASSA replied saying:


“IRP5 registered means that the system has picked up an alternative income from your details.”


IRP5 is a document that is also known as an employee’s tax certificate which outlines the employer/employee’s related incomes, taxes, and related deductions at the end of each year.

Employees make use of the IRP5 document to complete their income tax returns for each year.


IRP5 Registered means that SASSA’s system has noticed an alternative income from the applicant’s details. This means that the system thinks that the person is still employed.

You can resolve this issue by contacting SARS and having their documents updated. SARS may require additional paperwork from the applicant’s previous employer. You can do this by calling SARS on 0800 00 7277 or by using the SARS online portal.

If your status doesn’t change after updating your documents you may appeal their application with SASSA once this has been updated, however, SASSA reminds applicants to be patient as they are experiencing high volumes of appeals.

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  1. Can u plz cancel my irp5 registration because am not employed u think I’m working am um unemployed

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