Students Call For More Universities For South Africa

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) student command urged the government to establish more tertiary institutions. The organization believes that it will allow students with a matric bachelor’s pass to gain access to tertiary education.


Students Call For More Universities For South Africa

One of South Africa’s political parties’ student command requested for the government to establish more universities. The student command made the request as a solution to the problem of not being able to place all students who wish to further their studies.

South Africa has only 26 public universities. Two of these universities were established after 1994.


The student command took part in an 18-hour march from the EFF headquarters to the Winne Madikizela Mandela House in Gandhi. The march took place to bring to light the issues affecting students.

The following issues were highlighted:

  • Persistent enrollment crisis in Higher Education.
  • Free registration
  • Compulsory for all tertiary institutions to all walk-in applications.
  • Clearing all historical student debt.

Sihle Lonzi, the EFF student command president, stated that currently 720 000 learners passed matric. “The government simply has no plan in terms of how they are going to absorb all of these learners in Higher Education,” said Lonzi.


Therefore, the organization requests for the government to expand Post Secondary Education, which includes universities, Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges, and skills facilities. Lonzi believes that by expanding tertiary education students will acquire the necessary skills to contribute meaningfully to the economy.

Introducing walk-in applications will also greatly benefit those who do not have access to the internet and devices to apply online. It would ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to gain access to tertiary education.

Last year Minister Blade Nzimande reported that there were two visibility studies underway to establish two more universities and develop around 16 TVET colleges. The organization requests that the government provide a detailed plan of how it will establish these tertiary institutions, to ensure that it will take place.

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