The Relevant Changes Made To R350 Grant Payments

As the current cycle of the R350 grant continues, Sassa has opted to clarify the variety of measures they have taken in response to a number of queries from applicants regarding developments in the distribution of the R350 grant. These are some of the related insights shared by the agency’s spokesperson.


The Relevant Changes Made To R350 Grant Payments

The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) is currently in the process of payout the current cycle of the R350 grant to all eligible applicants and beneficiaries.

Expected to continue for the rest of the current financial year, the processes behind the disbursement of the grant have undergone a number of changes proposed by the Department of Social Development (DSD).


This, according to Sassa, comes in response to several inquiries from applicants and beneficiaries regarding the status of the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant payments.

While clarifying Sassa’s response to these issues, the agency’s spokesperson Paseka Letsatsi stated that among the key changes they have made is that, rather than rely on the National State of Disaster Act, they now disburse the R350 grant in accordance with the Social Assistance Act.

This Act now serves as their guiding legislation, following the government’s withdrawal from the National State of Disaster, which also translated to a change in regulations.


He further points out that there have been instances, throughout which beneficiaries have deliberately avoided giving their personal banking details to Sassa.

We want to appeal to people that when you make an application just make sure that you basically give us that particular information so that we do not necessarily take longer engaging with you trying to get all the information. This is necessary to enable Sassa to process the grant.

In response to why people tend to be reluctant to share that type of information, Letsatsi pointed out that with the financial capacity that the government has, the intended aim is to accommodate as many people as possible.

He further, stated that Sassa acknowledges the fact that there are likely inherent income differences between applicants and beneficiaries, however, positive discrimination is to ensure that Sassa accommodates as many people as possible.

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