Here Is What ‘Evaluation’ NSFAS Status Means


If your NSFAS 2022 Application status show ‘Evaluation’ and you want to know  What ‘Evaluation’ NSFAS Status Means, read details below.

Here Is What 'Evaluation' NSFAS Status Means

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme has said since the start of the application process in November last year more than 600 000 applications were received and at least 505 820 were first-time applicants. If you are among those that have successfully applied, it’s important to check your current application status and what it means.


If you receive ‘Evaluation’ NSFAS status, there’s no need for you to be worried as this means that NSFAS is verifying all of the documents you have submitted during your application.

Over 600 000 applications were received for 2022, with NSFAS approving over 186 000 applicants instantly.


This is a new system that had been introduced late last year, to improve the application process and to minimize technical glitches.

The application portal had now been “enhanced” to enable first-time applicants who were social grant beneficiaries to “receive a real-time response” after submitting their application.

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NSFAS spokesperson Kagiso Mamabolo said 


We are no longer waiting for the application window to close before we can start evaluating the applications received. We conduct the evaluation in real-time as soon as the student lodges an application.

Prospective students are advised to constantly check out the status of their applications, especially as TVET colleges and universities are soon opening.

NSFAS does not have a timeframe when it comes to one’s application status updating.

Funding applications have been extended until the 27th of January 2022.

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